US, Trumpian Republicans call for Biden’s removal with the 25th amendment

The 25th amendment of the Constitution to take the White House away from Joe Biden. The exponents Trumpian Republicans they attack the president of the United States, invoking the amendment that allows him to be removed if deemed “unfit” for the office. Among the promoters of the request is Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who moved after the publication of the report by special prosecutor Robert Hur: the document describes the president as “an elderly man, with memory problems”.

Republican criticism

“Joe Biden is unable to stand trial for the stolen documents after leaving office in the Senate and as vice president, but is he able to carry around the nuclear briefcase instead?”, the congresswoman from Georgia far-right, once a follower of the QAnon sect, saying there are only two solutions “the 25th Amendment or impeachment.” The report “does not describe someone who must be the commander in chief of our armed forces and the defender of American liberties,” echoed Florida Senator Rick Scott, calling on Biden’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment.

How the 25th Amendment applies

How does the process work? Invoking the 25th Amendment should be Vice President Kamala Harris, who should initiate the procedure, and members of the Democratic administration who should agree that the president “is unable to exercise his powers and discharge his duties”, as the amendment states. At this point, a qualified majority of both the House and Senate would be needed to remove the president.