USA 2024, Biden 90% in the primaries in Nevada. Among the Republicans, Haley defeated

US President Joe Biden is preparing to triumph in the Democratic primaries in the state of Nevada where, with 64% of the votes counted, he obtained 90% of the preferences. He stops the writer Marianne Williamson at 2.5%. The President of the United States then thanked the voters of the State: “I want to thank the voters of Nevada – said Biden – for sending me and Kamala Harris four years ago to the White House and for making us take a step forward again on the same road tonight.”

Republican primaries: 60% choose “none of the candidates”

Today is also the first day of double Republican elections in Nevada, where former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley lost the Party’s presidential primaries. Haley is currently at 33.2 percent against the “none of these candidates” option, which reached 60.4 percent (in this case voters could not nominate any other names). In third place is former US Vice President Mike Pence with 4.2. In fourth, Senator Tim Scott with 1.9 percent. The polls closed two hours ago and the data is partial but the gap between Haley and “none of these candidates” appears unbridgeable. The primaries are only symbolic because the party only recognizes the caucuses, the meetings of members, which will take place on Thursday. Donald Trump did not participate in the primaries, while he will take part in the caucuses, but Haley still lost the challenge of the vote in which everyone could participate.

How double consultations work

The novelty of the consultation lies in the double round organized by the conservatives: today the classic primaries, open to all voters; Thursday the caucuses, the meetings of the members. The first will not provide delegates and will be those in which the former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley will appear. In the second, however, which assigns delegates for this summer’s convention, Donald Trump, who has no rivals, will run. This bifurcation arose after a state law, wanted by the Democrats and approved in 2021, established that the consultations must be carried out with the primary formula, while the Conservative Party voted for the institution of caucuses. Thus there will be both systems, but the first will only have symbolic value.