USA 2024, Biden: “I’m running because Trump threatens democracy”

“I’m running because democracy is at stake. Trump wants to destroy the nation.” President Joe Biden announced this during a fundraising event in the Lunt-Fontanne theater on Broadway in New York, where the film opens today. UN General Assembly. In the theater packed with big stars, Biden clarified his position: “There is no doubt that Donald Trump and the Maga Republicans are determined to destroy American democracy. I will always defend, protect and fight for democracy”.

Biden declared himself optimistic

Biden also responded to criticism that he is too old to run again, as he is in his eighties. “Many seem focused on my age. But I knew what to do when Covid hit, when Ukraine was attacked and when democracy was at stake,” he added. The US president also accused Trump and his allies of kowtowing to “dictators like Putin. Maybe Trump and his Maga friends (“Make America Great Again”, ed) they can bow to Putin, I won’t. We must save American democracy. I have never been so optimistic about the future of this country in the 800 years I have served it,” he said to laughter from the audience.

A strong message

For Biden, the 2024 presidential candidacy also wants to be the “strongest and most powerful message possible on the fact that political violence in America is never, never, never acceptable”. To conclude with an attack on his rival and underlining that he does not believe that America is a “negative” country, a country of carnage driven by anger, fear and revenge. Donald Trump believes so.