Usa, Ana Montes released from prison: one of the best known spies of the Cold War

He spied for over 20 years for Cuba

After 20 years of detention, Ana Montes, one of the best-known spies of the Cold War captured by the USA, has been released from prison. Montes, 65, spied for more than 20 years for Cuba while she was employed as an analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency. This is reported by the BBC. After her arrest in 2001, the US administration reported that Montes had almost entirely disclosed US intelligence operations in Cuba. She has been named among the “most damaging spies” captured by the United States.

Michelle Van Cleave, who headed counterintelligence under President George W. Bush, told Congress in 2012 that Montes had “compromised everything — pretty much everything — what we knew about Cuba and how we operated in Cuba.” “So Cubans were well aware of everything we knew about them and could use it to their advantage. In addition, he was able to influence estimates about Cuba in his conversations with colleagues and also found an opportunity to provide information that he acquired to other powers”.

Following her arrest, Montes was accused of providing the identities of four US spies and oceans of classified material. She was sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment, with the judge accusing her of putting “the nation as a whole” at risk.