Usa, assault on husband Pelosi: “Intentional attack”

The 82-year-old man undergoing surgery is recovering

Paul Pelosi, the husband of House speaker Nancy Pelosi, is recovering from the surgery he underwent following the assault he suffered in the San Francisco home by a man armed with a hammer. Pelosi, 82, suffered a skull fracture and severe injuries to his right arm and hands. His wife returned from Washington and visited him in the hospital.

Police intervened in response to a call received at 2.27am Friday morning (local time). Pelosi, with the excuse of going to the bathroom, called 911 emergency services on his mobile phone and left the call open. “It wasn’t a random attack, but it was intentional“San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said.

The agents stopped and disarmed the attacker, the 42-year-old identified as David DePape, who was then arrested and charged, among other things with attempted murder. He had tried to tie Paul Pelosi “while waiting for Nancy to come home”. DePape, who is currently hospitalized, reportedly managed to enter the Pelosi home in the Pacific Heights residential neighborhood through a back door after breaking glass.

President Bidenwho said to consider theattack how politic, called it “despicable”. Political violence, he said, “has no place” in the US. “And when too much is too much. Every person of conscience must clearly and unambiguously speak out against violence in our politics,” she said.