USA at risk of default, Biden: “Agreement on the debt ceiling soon”

“We have agreed that there will be no US default.” Joe Biden said this in the White House regarding his talks with speaker Kevin McCarthy on the issue of the debt ceiling. “The only way forward is a bipartisan agreement. I am convinced that we will reach an understanding that protects American workers”, confirmed the American president.

Biden: ‘Debt default is not an option’

Speaking positively about the negotiations with the speaker, Biden then underlined “that our staffs continue to meet. I have repeatedly made it clear that defaulting on our debt is not an option and Congressional leaders understand this and agree on the fact that there will be no default”. However, this has not stopped the US president from criticizing the Republican platform. “The speaker and I have very different views on who should bear the brunt of the added efforts to fix our budgets,” Biden said. “I don’t think this burden should fall on the shoulders of the middle class and working class My Republican friends disagree.” Then, he concluded, reassuring the citizens. “Americans deserve to know that their pensions will be paid, that veterans’ hospitals will remain open, and that the economic advances we will continue to make will be made,” he added.