USA, beheads father on video and attacks Biden: arrested

The 32-year-old then shared the footage on YouTube

Justin Mohn, the 32-year-old man accused of, has been arrested having killed his father by beheading him and then showing his head in a video, posted online, in which he lashed out at Joe Biden over the migrant issue. Pennsylvania police arrested the man after he fled, stopping him, armed, near a Pennsylvania National Guard base.

In the video, Mohn shows a clear mental imbalance by declaring himself, under martial law, the new interim American president and stating that his father, who worked for the Army Corps of Engineers, was a traitor. The alarm was raised by his mother who called the police: upon their arrival the officers found the father’s body in the bathtub, with a machete and a large kitchen knife next to him, while the son had fled on board the parents’ car. The officers then did so the macabre discovery of the man’s head in a plastic bag, inside a cooking pot.

Meanwhile, the video began to circulate on YouTube in which Mohn reads a statement, showing what appears to be his father’s head in the plastic bag. “America is rotting from the inside as the far-left, woke crowd raids once-prosperous cities,” the man says in the video, which remained online for several hours before being pulled down. Interviewed by CNN, a former college friend of Mohn confirms that the man was already showing signs of paranoia and mental imbalance in 2016, saying that the government wanted to “frame him”.