Usa, Biden prepares speech on the State of the Union: China and Ukraine hot topics

President Joe Biden’s speech on the State of the Union will be held this evening in front of the United States Congress, meeting for the occasion in plenary session. In the traditional appointment, the president will have to outline his idea of ​​America for the coming years and lay the foundations for a new candidacy for the White House.

A particularly important speech for Biden, who will feel Republican pressure behind him, given the majority that the latter enjoy in the House, with the speaker Kevin McCarthy who will be seated exactly behind him during the speech.

Some indiscretions have already emerged on the issues that Biden will deal with in the speech, which should not last more than 80 minutes. First of all, the issues of domestic politics, such as the raising of the debt ceiling above all, which the Republicans strongly oppose. Another very hot topic, especially following the recent police violence against African Americans, is that of the reform of the police force, without however likely to cut funds as many Democrats would like.

The ban on assault weapons and inflation, as well as the social issues of abortion and the reduction of health care costs, will certainly enter the president’s speech.

China and Ukraine hot topics

The events of the last few days, with the story of the Chinese spy balloon flying over the United States and shot down off the coast of South Carolina, have changed the cards on the table as regards the international issues that Biden will address in his speech, even if from the White House they let it be known that there have been no rewrites in progress, as happened last year, when the president spoke four days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Strategic competition with China will be one of the topics of the speech, with relations between the two powers clearly appearing tense right now. It is not clear how harsh Biden’s words will be in this regard, with the Republicans who have complained about the president’s lack of authority in recent days.

There will also be statements on the war in Ukraine, with at least half of the opposition declaring themselves against the continued shipment of arms to Kiev. Biden will in all probability reiterate the importance of supporting the Ukrainians as a fundamental ingredient in the fight against authoritarianism and in defense of freedom and could also begin to draw a roadmap for the conclusion of the conflict, even if no confirmations from the White House arrive in this regard .

As soon as Biden has concluded his speech, as per tradition, the Republicans will answer him point by point, with the task this year falling to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, new governor of Arkansas and former spokesperson for Donald Trump.