Usa, Biden’s crackdown on migrants

Announced a measure that will not allow asylum seekers to those who enter the United States by crossing the border illegally

Biden administration cracks down on migrants, which proposes a measure that will not allow those who enter the United States by crossing the border irregularly to seek asylum. The announced measure therefore intends to temporarily suspend, for two years from next May, the US immigration law which provides that asylum can be sought regardless of how one entered the country.

In this way the Biden administration, pressured by accusations and attacks by Republicans who consider it too weak on immigration, hopes to be able to facilitate the immediate repatriation of migrants who, once they enter, ask for asylum protection and thus reduce the ‘huge number of applications that the immigration courts have to deal with.

The intention is to bring into force the new measure, which was announced by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, after next May 11, the date set by the White House for the end of the Covid emergency which will lead to the end of the controversial Title 42 which in these three years has made it possible to rapidly expel over two million migrants, including asylum seekers, for health reasons.

Anticipating criticism from migrant rights groups, the administration, which has now begun a month of public debate over the proposed measure, is pledging to make it easier for asylum seekers, especially the most vulnerable, to make appointments at the border .

“As we have seen time and time again, people who are offered a safe, orderly and legal path into the US are less willing to risk their lives by crossing thousands of miles at the hands of brutal smugglers to get to our border and face the consequences of illegal entry.” “, said Alejandro Mayorkas, secretary of internal security.

In any case, it is assured that the expelled asylum seeker will be able to appeal if he can demonstrate that he was denied asylum in Mexico or in another country crossed before arriving in the USA. However, the measure represents a significant political risk for Biden who, in order to defend himself on the right from attacks by Republicans who are preparing to use pressure on the southern border as the main argument of the 2024 campaign, is exposing himself to attacks from the left of the Democratic party.