Usa, boy survives two days in forest eating snow

He was lost while gathering firewood while camping with his family in Porcupine Mountains Park in Michigan

An eight-year-old boy who was lost in the remote forests of Michigan survived by eating snow for two days and sheltering under a log. Nante Niemi, this is the name of the little one, had disappeared last Saturday, after having gone away to collect firewood during a campsite with his family in the Porcupine Mountains park, tells the BBC.

A rescue team of 150 people immediately set off in search of Nante, who two days later was found “in good health” under the trunk that he used as a shelter, about two miles (3 kilometers) from the camping site. Now, he can finally embrace his family again.

“The terrain where Nante was lost is very remote and hilly, with lots of standing water. But the boy braved the elements, taking cover under the log where he was later found,” Michigan State Police said at a statement. which Nante reported that he “ate some snow to hydrate himself”, thus managing to survive.