USA, car into crowd in Rochester: FBI investigates domestic terrorism

The FBI has launched an investigation into domestic terrorism following the car accident which occurred on New Year’s Eve in Rochester, New York, which left two people dead and five others injured. The two vehicles involved crashed, overwhelming the crowd who was leaving the New Year’s Eve concert inside the city’s Kodak Center at the time.

What happened

As CNN reports, the suspected driver, identified as Michael Avery of Syracuse and currently hospitalized in serious condition, left a suicide note and a diary in his hotel room. Furthermore, his car was stuffed with gas cylinders. According to initial reconstructions, the two vehicles involved in the accident, a Ford SUV and a Mitsubishi Outlander, crashed into each other. The force of the impact would then have pushed the two cars into a group of pedestrians who were crossing the road at that moment, around 00.50. The two passengers traveling in the Mitsubishi were killed, while the driver was taken to hospital with non-fatal injuries. According to Rochester Police Chief David Smith, the driver of the Ford is also hospitalized in serious condition. The accident subsequently caused a fire, probably also fueled by the presence of “at least a dozen petrol cans in and around the affected vehicle”, Smith specified. The FBI and the Rochester police are investigating the matter.