Usa, CNN suspends conductor Chris Cuomo: “He used his position to help his brother”

There Cnn suspends its popular host Chris Cuomo indefinitely. The decision is linked to documents released by the New York Attorney’s Office that the famous anchor used his position and contacts to help his brother and former New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, answer allegations of sexual harassment.

Cnn: “Suspended indefinitely”

“The New York Attorney General’s Office has released testimony and evidence that sheds new light on Cuomo’s involvement in his brother’s defense,” reads a statement from the broadcaster. The note recalls how, when the New York governor resigned last August following allegations of sexual harassment made by several women and confirmed by the investigation by Attorney General Letitia James, the journalist admitted that “he had offered advice to the his brother’s staff and violating our rules. ” Then the broadcaster estimated that Cuomo found himself in the situation of having to put “family first and work second”. “But now the new documents indicate a level of involvement in the defense of the older brother than that which has already emerged – concludes the Cnn – that’s why we suspend Chris indefinitely. “

What the documents reveal

According to what was revealed by the New York Times, Chris Cuomo, who possesses a vast network of acquaintances, told investigators that he never manipulated or manipulated other colleagues for the benefit of his brother and viewers of his show, explaining that he only acted like a brother by listening and offering his opinion. , advising him to tell the truth, whatever it was, and eventually to resign. But the papers show that he played an active role and argued strongly against his brother’s resignation before a full investigation was conducted. The anchor of the Cnn he would also use his contacts to help the defense in other ways. For example, when the Nyt reported in early March that the governor had made an unwanted advance to a young woman during a wedding, Chris Cuomo texted his brother’s secretary, Melissa DeRosa, to say that he had a clue about that woman, convinced that she had acted in bad faith to damage it. Among the new documents revealed, also copies of the messages in which in March one of the former governor’s collaborators asked the journalist to “check with his sources” if there were other women ready to come forward with allegations of harassment. “I’m working on it,” was Chris Cuomo’s reply.

Trump: “Great news”

Who celebrates the suspension of Chris Cuomo is Donald Trump: “Great news for viewers, they suspended Chris Cuomo! The real question is whether they did it for the low audience or because his brother is no longer governor. Probably for everyone and two reasons. In any case, Fredo is out! “, says the tycoon, calling Chris Cuomo” Fredo “again, after the Corleone of the Godfather.