Usa, cooked pasta abandoned in the woods: Old Bridge noodles mystery solved

The mystery that came from the United States has been solved: in a wooded area of ​​Veterans Park, in the town of Old Bridge, in Middlesex county, in the state of New Jersey, hundreds of kilos of pasta cooked on the bed of a stream had been found . The reason would be due to the fact that the village does not have the collection of bulk waste. As can be seen in the photos published by Nina Jochnowitz – a resident of the area and former candidate for the city council – on Facebook it would mainly be spaghetti and noodles, although in other shots you can see other shapes of pasta. At least 200 kilos, according to Jochnowitz. Her post attracted the attention of social networks with users who indulged themselves in trying to find a solution to this mystery. Jochnowitz told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the true culprit for this huge food waste would not be found. However, as the American newspaper points out, the stream that runs through the city has long had a problem with dumping illegal waste. A spokesperson for the mayor said the Department of Public Works “visited the site and actually found what appeared to be 15 barrel loads of illegally dumped pulp along a creek in a residential neighborhood.”

There is no bulk waste collection

Jochnowitz, who was previously defeated in the city council race, remains active on her Facebook profile “Nina Jochnowitz for Old Bridge,” and pointed to mystery pasta and other trash cases in the neighborhood as examples of neglect by the current city ​​administration, citing lack of bulk garbage collection. Jochnowitz later confirmed that the city’s public works department arrived within hours of her assignment for “a quick cleanup” of the river basin “and pasta dump.” However, Jochnowitz said the incident actually sheds light on a larger problem affecting the township because Old Bridge doesn’t have bulk waste pickup. “And whilst this is ‘just pasta’, this is the only town in the county of Middlesex with no bulk waste collection. As a result we have hundreds of garbage dumps throughout the township.”