Usa, Count of Aragon: “with Trump as president, democracy will not be in danger”

“I’ve known him and been with his family, he’s not the arrogant man that everyone portrays him, he can be a person of extraordinary generosity”

“Donald Trump’s re-nomination in the next elections is good. I absolutely do not think, as many assert, that democracy would be in danger in America if it were to happen to Joe Biden. Indeed I am convinced that the world and the West would gain. If Had Trump been president, perhaps the war between Russia and Ukraine would never have broken out.” This is what Count Gelasio Gaetani Lovatelli of L’Aquila d’Aragona declares to Adnkronos.

“I met him, I frequented his family – he added – my brother Roffredo was the companion of Trump’s first wife, Ivana, for a time we were distant relatives – he joked – In private he is absolutely not the arrogant man that everyone paints. He deeply loves his children and knows how to be a person of extraordinary generosity. It happened after my brother’s death, he offered me his best lawyers to settle the disputes related to Roffredo’s American inheritance”.

“And then Trump loves Italy, food, good wine – he continued – I was recently invited by his son Eric to join the Trumps in Virginia, in Monticello, where the former American president owns an extraordinary wine estate. And who knows, in Italy we won’t celebrate his victory in the next US presidential elections, precisely with his wines, which I intend to import and make known in our country”, concluded the Count of Aragon.