Usa, Dem against Cnn: “He acted as a megaphone for Trump’s lies”

The broadcaster defends the editorial choice and its journalist: “She asked tough, fair and significant questions and conducted the ‘fact-checking’ of the most controversial statements in real time”

Democrats attack CNN accused of having lent herself, by hosting last night’s televised event with Donald Trump, to act as megaphone to the lies and attacks of the former presidentwith an audience of New Hampshire Republican voters, who continued to applaud the tycoon’s more aggressive statements.

“CNN should be ashamed,” thundered Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York congresswoman and exponent of the dem left. “She completely lost control of the town hall and turned into a megaphone for misinformation about the election, the January 6 defense, and a public attack on a sexual abuse victim, with audiences cheering Trump and mocking the moderator.” .

“CNN has the biggest con man, counterfeiter, misogynist and threat to democracy on the air at its prime time,” Congressman Steven Cohen tweeted.

“Virtually everyone in the audience who asked questions had voted for Trump, what else is this if not one hour free spot for him?”, controversially asks the former MP Spier who nonetheless praises “the extraordinary work done in counterattacking” by Kaitlan Collins.

The journalist who moderated the event was attacked by Trump who called her ‘nasty’, the insult that the tycoon used in a sexist way with women who embarrass him from Hillary Clinton to Nancy Pelosi.

CNN defended its editorial choice and her reporter with a statement: “Kaitlan Collins but shown what it means to be a world-class journalist, she asked hard, fair and meaningful questions,” said the broadcaster all news, underlining that the journalist retorted to the former president and conducted real-time ‘fact-checking’ of his most controversial statements.