Usa, “FBI in Trump residence was looking for secret documents on nuclear weapons”

The Washington Post writes, citing people informed about the investigation. The former president: “I encourage the release of documents”

In the search conducted at the residence of former US President Donald Trump in Florida the FBI was looking for secret documents on nuclear weapons. The Washington Post writes it citing people informed about the investigation, but without specifying whether the documents concerned the American nuclear arsenal or another country. This would confirm the decision of the US Minister of Justice Garland to make a public announcement about the search in Mar-a-Lago.

When in the White House, Trump was particularly attentive to the US nuclear arsenal and prided himself on being privy to secret information. In the summer of 2017, Trump told US military leaders he wanted an arsenal comparable to the peak of the Cold War, so much so that the then Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, described him as a “fucking idiot.”

Among the nuclear documents that Trump would regularly have access to was the confidential version of the Nuclear Posture Review on US capabilities and policies.

“Not only I will not oppose the release of documents related to the unjustified and unnecessary raid and search of my home in Palm Beach, Florida, in Mar-a-Lago. But I will go a step further by encouraging their immediate releaseTrump wrote on his social media, Truth Social.