Usa, from Capitol Hill to tax fraud: all the investigations on Trump

The list of investigations involving the former president is long

Donald Trump today appealed to the Fifth Amendment not to answer questions from New York prosecutor Letitia James, who has been investigating allegations of tax fraud by the Trump Organization for months. The deposition takes place 48 hours after the search conducted by dozens of FBI agents at his estate in Mar-a-Lago as part of the investigation into the illegal removal and destruction of Trump administration documents. The events have rekindled the spotlight on the long list of investigations involving the former president who accuses a politicized judiciary of trying to block his new candidacy.

The investigations of New York

African-American prosecutor Letitia James, whom Trump branded a “racist” in the Truth Media post in which he announced today’s deposition, is conducting a civil investigation to determine whether the Trump Organization “used fraudulent valuations of its assets to gain advantage. economic, including loans, insurance coverage, tax relief “.

Trump’s two adult children, Ivanka and Donald Jr, have already testified in recent days, after depositions, like those of their father, had been postponed due to the death of the tycoon’s ex-wife, Ivana. Unlike their father, the two answered questions from investigators. This civil investigation is flanked by the criminal investigation of the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, always on fraudulent property valuations to obtain better loans and pay less taxes.

Investigation into the missing documents

Already last February the US National Archives and Records Administration, the national archives that have the task of collecting and keeping the documents of all presidencies, notified Congress that it had recovered in Florida 15 cases of documents that Trump had taken away from the White House , some containing classified material.

The congressional committee then said it was widening the investigation into how the Trump White House has stored and transferred documents. The arrival of FBI agents, between 30 and 40 with over a dozen cars, in Mar a Lago to search the current residence of the former president – who is still spending the summer period away from too hot Florida – confirms that the investigation went on.

Investigation into illegal electoral pressure in Georgia

Since last May, a special grand jury has been hearing evidence gathered by Georgia prosecutors about the illicit pressure Donald Trump put on Republican election officials to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the state. The investigation started with the recording of the phone call that the then president made, on January 2, 2021, to the Secretary of State of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, asking him to “find” the votes to overturn the electoral result. According to legal experts, Trump could be indicted for plotting to carry out electoral fraud, instigated to do so and intentionally interfering with the election duties of a public official.

Investigation attack on Capitol Hill

The congressional commission investigating the January 6 2021 attack on Congress by Trump supporters is trying to show that the then president tried, with real coup intentions, to overturn the election results. Commission vice chairman Liz Cheney, one of only two Republicans to participate in the investigation, said the commission could at the conclusion of its work recommend several counts of indictment to the Justice Department for Trump accusing the commission of conducting a hunt. politicized witches.

The commission cannot indict Trump, despite continuing to gather evidence against him, but the decision should be made by the Justice Department headed by Merrick Garland. In this case, the main challenge for federal prosecutors would be to prove that Trump acted with criminal intent. Furthermore, the former president could be charged with a “seditious conspiracy”, an accusation hitherto rarely used against those who conspire against the US government already contested by several participants and leaders of the revolt.

Defamation case of Jean Carroll

Finally, Trump still has to deal with a case that is the consequence of the rain of allegations of harassment and sexual violence that were made against him during the 2016 election campaign by dozens of women. Jean Carroll, a former Elle reporter, accused him of defamation for the way he denied the allegations of the woman, who she claims was raped by him in the 1990s in a dressing room of a New York department store. Trump said the woman was lying to increase sales of a book of hers.

The decision of the Court of Appeals of the Second Manhattan Circuit is awaited, which must decide on the request of Trump’s lawyers to dismiss the charges, since they date back to a time when as president he was immune from accusations of defamation.