USA, GameStop employee shoots and kills a man who stole Pokemon cards

A “GameStop” employee shoots dead a fleeing man after stealing Pokemon cards from the video game store. It happened in Florida. The killer is accused of manslaughter, ABC news reports.

The facts

Derrick Guerrero, 33, was working in the video game store at a strip mall on the outskirts of Fort Lauderdale Tuesday evening when a man grabbed five boxes of “ultra-premium” Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trading cards and ran toward the door, Pembroke Pines police said. The cards sell for $120 a box. The thief didn’t have time to leave the shop before he was hit by several gunshots which were fatal. The shooter was Guerrero, a former Broward County prison inmate who was free on bail. The GameStop store does not comment on the incident.


Florida, under its “stand your ground” law allows you to use force if there is a threat of death or serious physical harm to yourself or others, but not simply to protect property. Manslaughter is a killing that is unplanned and occurs in the heat of the moment.