USA, Giuliani sentenced to pay 148 million for false accusations regarding the vote

Donald Trump’s former lawyer Giuliani was ordered to pay $148 million for defaming two people who worked at the 2020 election polls in Georgia. Lawyers for Ruby Freeman and her daughter Wandrea “Shaye” Moss had asked in federal court in Washington for damages of $24 million each. But the jury set a much higher figure: nearly $17 million in damages each, $20 million in moral damages and a total of $75 million in damages.

Giuliani: “The whole procedure is absurd”

“The absurdity of this sum only underlines the absurdity of the entire procedure,” Giuliani attacked in a statement to journalists, hinting that he would appeal. Known to be in dire financial straits, Trump’s former lawyer has also been sued by a law firm that represented him for several years and is seeking $1.3 million in unpaid bills. Giuliani accused mother and daughter of exchanging a USB stick “as if they were doses of heroin or cocaine” to falsify the results in Georgia based on a video in which the two women are instead passing a peppermint candy. The two African-American employees said that due to the former lawyer’s accusations, which were then spread by Trump on all social media, they received insults and threats, often of a racist nature.