Usa, goodbye to Colonel Edward Shames: he was the last survivor of the ‘Band of Brothers’

Edward Shames died at the age of 99, retired colonel in the United States Army, last survivor of the paratrooper regiment of the Second World War, immortalized in the book and subsequent war television series ‘Band of Brothers’. Shames “died peacefully in his home” in the state of Virginia, according to the obituary published on Friday, the day of his death, and picked up by CNN.

The obituary recalls that Shames “participated in some of the most important battles of the war”, beginning with the landing on the beaches of Normandy, during Operation Overlord of 1944. In addition, he was the first member of his regimental unit, the Easy Company, to cross the gates of the Dachau Nazi extermination camp, shortly after his release. He also entered the rAlpine residence of the dictator Adolf Hitler, the so-called “eagle’s nest”, where “he took a few bottles of brandy”.

After the war, Shames worked as a Middle Eastern affairs expert for the National Security Agency and participated in several documentaries on the conflict. Its role in the famous Hbo series, produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, was portrayed by actor Joseph May.