Usa, Guardian: “Coup plan to keep Trump in power”

In a document the plan for a coup for January 6. Delivered by former chief of staff to the commission investigating the Capitol Hill assault

Wax a plan to keep Donald Trump as president of the United States. The coup project included a declaration of national emergency by Trump to prevent Joe Biden’s victory being certified on Jan.6, the day a crowd of supporters of the outgoing president stormed Congress. The plan, writes the Guardian, is contained in a Power Point document that former Trump chief of staff, Mark Meadows, delivered to the “selected committee”, the House of Representatives commission that investigates the assault on Capitol Hill.

The document is entitled “Electoral Fraud, Foreign Interference and Options for January 6” and lists a series of recommendations to Trump so that he can remain in power, based on fake news about alleged, and never proven, election fraud against him. The fact that Meadows did have it suggests that he was aware of Trump’s efforts to prevent the certification of Biden’s victory.

The document with the Power Point presentation delivered by Meadows to the House Inquiry Committee is a 38-page text, which had reached the White House chief of staff by e-mail, the newspaper sources said. The Guardian viewed a second 36-page version of the same document, with January 5 metadata, which has some differences from the other, but has the same title. The plan called for senators and deputies to be notified of foreign interference in the vote. That is a series of fake news on imaginative Chinese interference in eight key states. At this point Trump allegedly declared a national emergency, invalidated all electronic presidential election votes and asked Congress to agree on a constitutionally acceptable solution.

As is well known, in the United States, the president is formally chosen by large voters, which each state sends on the basis of its own electoral result. THEOn January 6, Vice President Mike Pence was expected to preside over certifying the Democratic candidate’s victory to Congress. According to the coup plan, he was supposed to block the big voters assigned to Biden, replace them with big Trump voters or postpone certification pending. But Pence was not of this opinion

The Power Point presentation was among the 6 thousand documents that Meadows handed over to the select commissioner. Among these are even texting a congressman about a “highly controversial” plan to send big Trump voters to congress. Meadows replies: “I like it.” The Power Point, writes the Guardian, was in fact sent on January 4 to some Republican parliamentarians. Meadows sent material to the committee until Tuesday, when he broke the cooperation agreement with the House investigators. The latter then announced that they wanted to ask for his indictment for failing to comply with the subpoena.