USA, Harvard president Claudine Gay resigns: what happened

Following accusations of plagiarism over the content of his academic works and protests over his refusal to condemn the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel

Harvard University President Claudine Gay resigns following accusations of plagiarism, for the content of his academic works, and protests for his refusal to condemn the Hamas attacks against Israel last October 7, in particular for the content of his congressional hearing on anti-Semitism, he last December. Her tenure as the first African-American woman at the head of the university was the shortest in the history of the American Ivy League university: six months and two days.

The announcement was made by the Corporation, the university’s governing body which only three weeks ago had expressed support for Gay’s statements before a House Commission. Gay is also expected to make a statement about his resignation. “Anti-Semitic rhetoric, when it turns into bullying, abusive and intimidating behavior, is a conduct against which action must be taken and so we do,” he told Congress, after explaining that calling for “Jewish genocide” violates the rules. of the university “but it depends on the context”. Gay is a scholar of political science, gender and race.