USA, human finger in takeaway salad: panic attacks and vomiting

A finger (of another) in the salad. “Indigestible” meal for an American from Connecticut, who sued the ‘fast’ restaurant chain Chopt Creative Salad Co, one of the most renowned in the States for take-away salads with ingredients chosen by the customer. This time, however, the ingredient had not been chosen by the customer, Allison Cozzi, for her salad ordered at a Chopt restaurant in Mount Kisko, New York, on April 7th.

The complaint and the facts

After months of discomfort caused by that disgusting incident, the woman filed a complaint to proceed against the restaurant chain. According to her reconstruction of the facts, the part of her severed finger ended up in her salad, which she noticed while she was eating it. The broadcaster CBS reports that, according to the accusation, the restaurant manager accidentally cut off a piece of her index finger while cleaning the arugula. She immediately went to hospital to treat the wound but the rocket she was cutting remained in the kitchen to be served to customers.

The damage suffered

The woman later reported that as a result of eating the contaminated salad, she suffered from panic attacks, migraines, cognitive impairment, nausea, dizziness and widespread pain in her neck and shoulders. Which is why you are now asking for “economic compensation for an unspecified amount”.

Meanwhile, the Chopt Creative Salad Co. chain, which has around seventy restaurants in the New York area alone, has been inundated with a flood of messages and requests for clarification from customers.