USA, march for life in Washington: thousands in the streets against abortion

Ten months after he invaded Washington with the “March for Life” to celebrate the Supreme Court decision that overturned the Roe v. Wade, which established the right to access abortion everywhere in the United States, the American pro-life movement found itself once again in the capital. This time the demonstration comes after the defeats suffered in referendums in several states: California, Kansas, Kentucky and Ohio in recent months voted in favor of maintaining the right to terminate a pregnancy.

The protest in Washington

Yesterday, despite freezing temperatures and snow, thousands of people from churches, Catholic schools and associations marched through the streets of Washington. “Abortion is murder” was one of the participants’ slogans. Some called for Americans to “have more children.” “We still have a lot to do,” Julie, an activist from New Jersey, commented to the local media. “Our work – she added – is not finished yet”. Organizers of the annual March for Life said their goal is not just to change laws, “but to change the culture to the point where abortion is unconscionable.”