Usa, medical check-up: “Joe Biden suitable for the presidency”

The American president, Joe Biden, is ”healthy” and ”energetic”. This is the main result of the annual routine check-up that the head of the White House underwent. This was announced by the doctor at the presidential residence, underlining how Biden is “perfectly capable of successfully carrying out the duties of the presidency”. At the same time as the check, carried out at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, a small lesion that the US president had on his chest was also removed and subjected to a biopsy. The results are not yet known at the moment. The outcome of the check, therefore, represents a good omen for his awaited re-nomination for the White House

The results of the checkup

The report noted that the results of tests conducted on the head, ears, eyes, nose and throat were normal. A “particularly detailed” neurological examination did not show findings consistent with risks of stroke, multiple sclerosis or, again, with Parkinson’s disease. The doctor prescribed custom orthotics for Biden due to his “stiff gait.” The president continues to train five days a week and has had his contact lens prescription updated.

The speech in Warsaw in view of the first anniversary of the war

On the front of political activity, Biden will give a speech ahead of the first anniversary of the start of the “brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine”. The scheduled date is February 21, at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, at 5.30 pm local time. The White House confirmed it. On the same day, by the way, a speech by Vladimir Putin is expected. Biden will speak about “the way the United States has mobilized the world to support the Ukrainian people while defending their freedom and democracy” and how the country will continue “to stand with the Ukrainian people for as long as necessary”. (RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR, LIVE NEWS OF SKY TG24)