Usa, Melania Trump: “My husband can lead us back to greatness”

After months of rumors about her progressive departure from the tycoon, the former first lady returns to the public announcing her full support for the new candidacy of her husband and former president

“My husband has had tremendous success with his first administration and can lead us back to greatness and prosperity.” After months of rumors and indiscretions of her progressive estrangement from her husband, with a separate life at home in the huge mansion of Mar-a-Lago, Melania Trump she returns to public and, interviewed by Fox News, affirms her full support for Donald Trump’s new candidacy for the White House. And she says it would be “a privilege” for her to serve as first lady again.

“He has my support and we look forward to restoring hope for the future and leading America with love and strength,” Melania added. Trump is currently largely in the lead in the race for the Republican nomination, with a 41-point lead over Ron De Santis, the governor of Florida considered his most formidable opponent. And the most recent polls also give him the lead in a possible new challenge, a real revenge, with Joe Biden.

Strengthened by these numbers, Melania is already thinking about her return to the White House, explaining that for her second term as first lady she intends “to give priority to the development and well-being of children, as I have always done”. “My focus would continue to be to create a safe and stimulating space that allows children to grow and learn,” added Melania, who had launched a program against cyberbullying at the White House.