USA, New York bans street vendors from Brooklyn Bridge

New York bans street vendors from Brooklyn Bridge. They will have to do it by January 3rd to avoid excessive crowding in one of the symbolic places of the Big Apple. This is the result of the ordinance issued by the city’s Department of Transportation, which affects traders without distinction, mostly of Latin American origin, including those who have a regular license. Mayor Eric Adams’ decision was made necessary, according to the administration, for safety reasons, as the huge flow of pedestrians on the bridge, equal to 34 thousand people a day, would be slowed down by the presence of stalls selling souvenirs and general items. food.

The ordinance

“I have been here for more than 15 years, at the beginning there was no one. My children, aged 10 and 7, and my wife depend on me”, vented Mdrahman, originally from Bangladesh, who sells water, soda , pretzels and hot dogs at the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge. Mdrahman assured that he has no intention of “going anywhere, I need to work” and assured that he has a license: “What will I do, live on the streets?” Many veteran street vendors have blamed recently arrived immigrants for causing congestion over the past year and a half by setting up vending stations without the necessary permits. “This bridge is one of the most important points in the city, for tourists and New Yorkers, who have asked for more space to walk and cycle and be safe,” Transport Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez explained to Efe.