Usa, New York prosecutor sues Trump

The troubles with justice do not stop for Donald Trump, already in the crosshairs of the US authorities for the secret documents found by the FBI during the raid on his villa in Mar-a-Lago. The New York prosecutor Letizia James has in fact filed a new lawsuit against the former president for at least 250 million dollars. This time around, the tycoon’s charge is that he inflated a company’s asset valuation by several billion. His three children Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka are also involved in the investigation. The reply: “Political persecution”.

The accusation

Donald Trump, three of his sons, and the Trump Organization have violated state and federal laws for more than a decade in order to “fraudulently” derive billions of dollars in magnified valuation of their assets and thus obtain low-rate financing from banks. in addition to tax relief and more favorable insurance coverage. This is the accusation made by James to Trump during the press conference in which the legal action was announced. The judicial measure, of a civil and non-criminal nature, represents the culmination of a three-year investigation that investigated the tycoon’s business practices and in particular the value attributed to certain assets in the portfolio of one of his companies. The goal of the lawsuit is to impose a fine of at least $ 250 million and ban Trump and his sons from holding executive positions in companies registered in the state of New York.

The replica

“The lawsuit is based neither on facts nor on the law but aims only to advance the Attorney General’s political agenda.” So Trump’s lawyer, Alin Habba, responded to James’s words. prosecutor went beyond the authority provided by his statute, “he added. Shortly after, through his spokesperson, the billionaire himself spoke on the matter.” I am the victim of political persecution, “he said. Then he added: “Another witch hunt by a racist attorney general, who failed in his run for governor, getting almost zero support from voters, and is now going badly against the highly respected Michael Henry candidate for office. “.