USA, off-duty pilot tries to shut down the engines of an Alaska Airlines plane

Fear on a scheduled Alaska Airlines flight. An off-duty pilot attempted to crash the plane, which was flying on the Everett-San Francisco route. There Federal Aviation Administration stated that the incident is “not connected in any way to current world events”.

The accident

The man, Joseph David Emerson, 44, was sitting in the cockpit when he suddenly threw himself on the on-board controls and attempted to turn off both engines. But he was stopped by the crew, who handcuffed him and then managed to land the plane in Portland. Emerson was traveling to San Francisco, where he was supposed to be part of the crew of a 737. He was charged with many charges including 84 attempted murders, as well as endangering an aircraft and reckless endangerment.

No injuries on board

According to the airline, “the off-duty pilot was sitting in the cockpit and unsuccessfully attempted to stop the engines from operating.” The captain and first officer “responded quickly”: engine power was not lost and the crew secured the aircraft without incident. There were 80 passengers and four crew members on board, no one was injured. The FBI is investigating the case, the reasons for the gesture are currently unknown.