USA, polls: Biden would lose to Trump by 9 points in the elections

If voting for the presidency of the White House were held today, Donald Trump would win by nine points over Joe Biden, the current president of the United States. This is according to an ABC-Washington poll according to which, in the hypothetical new duel that could take place in November 2024, the former president would win with 51% of the votes while his rival would stop at 42%.

The survey

According to data provided by pollsters, the tycoon’s numbers have improved in recent months while those of the president are getting worse and worse. And it’s not just the age issue that worries voters, who also reject Biden because of the way he manages the economy and immigration. The current president’s popularity rating has fallen to 37% compared to 56% who disapprove of his actions. Approval drops to 30% if you look only at the economy and even 23% for immigration management. The number of Democratic voters (62%) who would like another candidate in 2024 continues to grow. However, the voters themselves do not seem to have a certain opinion on who it might be. For 8% it should be Vice President Kamala Harris, for another 8% Bernie Sanders and for 7% Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the grandson of Jfk, Novax activist who ran in the Democratic primaries playing on the family name dem most famous in America.

The question of age

The percentage of Americans (74%) who believe that Biden is too old for a second term is very high, six points more than in May. An opinion that also holds 50% regarding Trump’s age who in any case is seeing his popularity rise: if when he left the White House in 2021 only 38% approved of his actions, now 48% of Americans they believe he has done well as president, the highest percentage recorded in his 4 years in office.