Usa, rapper Young Dolph killed in Memphis

Rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed in Memphis Tennessee. The American media reported it, explaining that the musician, 36, was approached inside a pastry shop by an armed man who shot him. This isn’t the first time the rapper has been involved in a shooting. In 2017 he was shot after a fight outside a Los Angeles hotel. In February of the same year, in Charlotte, North Carolina, his SUV was riddled with more than 100 shots and the crash was the inspiration for his song “100 Shots”.

Young Dolph fans gathered at the murder scene

Police said on Twitter that they currently have no information on the alleged perpetrator of the shooting at Makeda’s Cookies near Memphis International Airport. Hundreds of people poured into the murder area and there were moments of tension and anger over the violence in the city. Young Dolph fans have expressed their grief over the loss of what was considered a true icon of the city of Memphis. The 36-year-old artist was much loved in the hip-hop community for his authenticity and fierce independence. In fact, his Paper Route Empire label has kept control over his music. Young Dolph topped the Billboard 200 top 10 with three albums. 2020’s “Rich Slave” peaked at # 1. 4.