Usa, Spannaus: “Reps against McCarthy are more politically dangerous than Trump”

“The former president is no longer the dominant voice in the GOP, his weight is rapidly decreasing”

“It is the tyranny of a minority that hopes to influence the whole party. They remind me of the Italian parliament where few can influence the entire government”. This is how Andrew Spannaus, American political analyst and author of the ‘House of Spannaus’ podcast, defines the Republican members of Congress who have thrown the GOP into chaos in recent days, blocking the election of Kevin McCarty as the new Speaker.

“Politically they are more dangerous than Trump, not ‘institutionally’ in terms of a threat to democratic rules”, he argues in an interview with Adnkronos Spannaus, according to which Republicans who do not support McCarthy “are against any compromise” and have positions ” old”, see reduction of public spending and hostility to any bipartisan provision of Congress, which “do not reflect today’s reality”.

“They want to avoid a positive change in the institutions and to collaborate on shared points”, continues the analyst, highlighting how in the first two years of Biden’s presidency “progress” was instead made on bipartisan issues such as infrastructure, weapons and above all at of industrial policy, around which “the idea of ​​public intervention to win the technological battle with China is growing”.

And Trump? The former president has publicly called on the party to vote for McCarthy, but he seems not to have been listened to. “Trump still has weight but it is rapidly decreasing. He is not as scary as before, he is seen as a loser who would make the party lose again and his positions are not the orthodox ones for the GOP – explains the analyst – Trump suggested to avoid civil war in the party but it is not listened to and it shows that it is no longer the dominant voice”.

Spannaus then goes on to comment on the second anniversary of the assault on Congress, emphasizing that the risk of disputes still exists, but “American democracy has held up and responded both to the Midterm elections, with the defeat of the most prominent candidates still denounced alleged fraud, both with an important law passed before Christmas: the Electoral count act, which strengthens the rules for certifying elections by increasing the quorum for contesting them and establishing a rapid path to go to court in case of interference by individuals States”.

For Trump, according to Spannaus, after the release of the report of the parliamentary commission and the referral to the Department of Justice, two possibilities open up. “It can be blocked thanks to the various lawsuits or even by a legal determination on its ineligibility or it can simply be set aside politically – he concludes – It is clear that it would be better for the country not to have to go through the courts and avoid further divisions but it will be difficult as the Justice Department will have a lot of pressure.”