Usa, Supreme Court: “Trump deliver tax returns”

The request of the former US president not to hand over the tax documents to the commission of the House led by the dem has been denied

There US Supreme Court denies Donald Trump’s request not to file his tax returns to a Democrat-led House Committee. CNN writes it, underlining that the Court’s decision to pave the way for the Internal Revenue Service to release the former president’s tax documents is a serious loss for Trump, who has tried for years not to release them and is currently at the center of multiple investigations.

Trump’s legal team has continually tried to keep his statements secret, and he went to the Supreme Court — made up of three of his nominees — after it lost at the lower court level. Chief Justice John Roberts, who oversees the lower court that issued the order in the Trump case, temporarily suspended the subpoena on Nov. 1, presumably to give justices more time to consider the matter.