Usa, the increase in the debt ceiling approved by the House

The US House of Representatives has approved the bipartisan agreement to raise the debt ceiling for two years, in exchange for some budget cuts. Now it will be up to the Senate to express itself before June 5, the date indicated by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen as the deadline to avoid a default. The agreement passed with 314 yes and 117 no (quorum was 218). In favor 165 Democrats and 149 Republicans. The frond was more consistent among the ranks of the Gran Old Party: 71 no, against 46 dem. The Republican speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, defined the agreement as “the greatest saving in American history”, but according to the US media this is not the case: in 2011 Barack Obama granted cuts of 2,100 billion dollars to raise the ceiling debt, against the 1,300 billion of the agreement negotiated by Joe Biden.

Biden: “Crucial step to prevent the first default”

Words of satisfaction also from US President Joe Biden: “Tonight the House took a crucial step forward to prevent the first ever default and protect our country’s hard-earned historic recovery. I was clear in saying that the only way Going forward is a bipartisan compromise that can earn support from both sides. This deal satisfies that test,” Biden tweeted.