Usa, the message of the Walmart killer: “They said I was like Jeffrey Dahmer”

The man responsible for the shooting on November 23, where he killed 6 people and then committed suicide, accused his colleagues in a message: “They laughed at me”

The man in charge of Nov. 23 Walmart supermarket shooting in Chesapeake, in the US state of Virginia, had bought the gun the morning of the attack and left a message accusing his fellow workers of harassment. “I wish I could save everyone from myself (…) My God, forgive me for what I’m about to do”, reads the message found on the attacker’s phone, which took his own life after killing six people in the store where he worked as a night supervisor. The letter was released by local authorities on Twitter. “My colleagues laughed at me and said I was like Jeffrey Dahmer. I would never kill anyone who entered my house“, read the message, which mentions the US serial killer. The man had no criminal record, it was disclosed. The 9mm weapon he used was acquired legally.