Usa, tornadoes devastate 5 states: 50 deaths are feared

A train overturned, the roof of a retirement home and an Amazon depot collapse

At least 50 deaths are feared in the US after the passage of a series of powerful tornadoes which, unusual in length and time of year, left a trail of destruction in several US states, from Kentucky to Arkansas.

There are four confirmed deaths, but Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear told broadcaster Wlky he fears the death toll will be at least 50. “We believe the death toll will exceed 50 in Kentucky, likely to be a closer number. at 70 or 100, “the governor said, describing the dramatic aftermath of the” most serious tornado-related event in Kentucky’s history. “

Overall, 24 tornadoes have been identified in 5 states according to the NOAA Storm Prediction Center. Casualties also reported in Arkansas and Illinois according to CNN.

The whirlwind with the longest track ever recorded, over 380 km, which for the first time crossed four states in three very long hours. The “quad state tornado” started from Monette in Arkansas and reached Mayfield in Kentucky, also touching Missouri and Tennessee. In Monette, the roof of a retirement home with 86 beds was uncovered, causing at least one death and 5 injuries. In Mayfield, many workers were trapped in the rubble of a candle factory. And, also in Kentucky, a train was overturned by the fury of the wind in Hopkins County. In Missouri, CBS images showed images of rows of houses with roofs uncovered. The tornadoes also wreaked havoc in Illinois, where many workers were stranded in a destroyed Amazon warehouse.

The tornado warning was launched last night by the weather service for an area out of eight states that includes 18 million inhabitants. It is rare that there are tornadoes in the Midwest this season, a phenomenon caused by the collision between currents of hot and cold air. These are conditions that normally occur between March and April.