USA, tried to poison double to steal her identity: sentenced to 21 years

She brought her friend a cheesecake ‘stuffed’ with a powerful sedative then tried to stage a suicide

A Russian citizen living in New York has been sentenced to 21 years for trying to kill a look-alike with poisoned cheesecake to steal her identity.

“A ruthless calculator and fraudster will go to prison for a long time for trying to profit by killing,” said prosecutor Melinda Katz, after the announcement of the sentence for 47-year-old Viktoria Nasyrova.

The attempted murder dates back to August 2016, when Nasyrova went to visit her victim, Olga Tsvyk, bringing her a cake as a gift. The two women resembled each other physically and both spoke Russian. Immediately after eating the cake, Tsvyk felt sick and passed out. The next day she was found in her bed with pills around her, as if she had attempted suicide. But the woman was saved and once she returned home she realized that her passport, other documents and valuables had disappeared.

Meanwhile, the cheesecake is analyzed which turns out to have been filled with a powerful sedative.