Usa, Trump against DeSantis: “It is mediocre and unfair”

The former US president lashed out at the Republican governor of Florida

Former US President Donald Trump lashed out at Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, calling him a “mediocre and” unloyal “administrator. DeSantis won with an avalanche of votes in midterm elections, sealing his status. The Republican Party’s brightest rising star. Consequently, it is increasingly expected that he will run for the Republican Party nomination for the White House in 2024. But Trump would seem increasingly inclined to thwart him, thanks to his popularity in the party base, and would be a tough opponent for DeSantis.

In a lengthy statement, Trump dismissed the Florida governor last night as a light-hearted politician who approached him “in desperate condition” when running for his first term in 2017. “Ron had little approval, negative polls and no money, but he said that, ‘if I approved it,’ he could win, “Trump said. “I also fixed his campaign, which was completely shattered.”