USA, Trump asks the Supreme Court to block the verdict on immunity

Donald Trump has asked the Supreme Court to suspend the verdict against his immunity in the January 6 Capitol Hill attack trial, handed down last week by judges of the Washington Court of Appeals. CNN reports it.

“Conducting a months-long criminal trial against President Trump in the heat of election season will prevent him from campaigning against President Biden,” Trump’s lawyers wrote in their request. The ruling against immunity, the lawyers argue, “risks going against the First Amendment both for Trump and for tens of millions of American voters who have the right to hear his election message”.

The role of the Supreme Court

With this appeal by the tycoon, the Supreme Court finds itself in the unusual position of having to express its opinion on two politically very relevant issues for the November vote. Four days ago, in fact, the highest American court heard the arguments in favor and against the exclusion of the former president from voting in Colorado due to his actions in the attack on January 6, 2021.