USA, Trump available to become speaker of the House after McCarthy

The internal war within the Republican Party has begun to choose Kevin McCarthy’s successor and, in this scenario, Donald Trump himself has entered the field. The former US president told Fox News that he would accept being speaker of the lower house for a limited time to “unify” the party. “They asked me if I would accept it for a short time for the party, until they reach a conclusion. I will do so if necessary, if they are unable to make a decision,” Trump said, thus making himself available to fill the role for a maximum of ninety days. The Speaker of the House is third in line to power, after the President of the United States and the Vice President. Tycoon’s words come as Republicans, who control the House of Representatives by a slim majority, seek to elect a successor to Kevin McCarthy, who on Tuesday became the first leader of that body to fall following a motion against he.

The Republican primaries

A stalemate that worries Democrats, who accuse their opponents of blocking the work of Congress at the most delicate moment, with a budget law to be approved by mid-November and aid to Ukraine in limbo. Trump’s name had already been mentioned to preside over the lower house in January, when opposition from Gaetz and other rebel Republican lawmakers forced a rerun of the vote up to 15 times in which McCarthy was finally elected. According to NBC, the Tycoon, who leads all polls in the Republican primaries for the 2024 presidential election, is preparing a visit to the Capitol in Washington DC early next week, before the start of voting, scheduled for Wednesday .