USA, Trump on trial without immunity for the assault on Capitol Hill

No immunity for Donald Trump in the trial for his attempts to overturn the vote in 2020, culminating in the assault on Capitol Hill: this was ruled by the Washington Court of Appeals, according to which any immunity that may have protected Trump as president does not protect him more now in the prosecution of Special Prosecutor Jack Smith for his attempts to subvert the election.

The former president announces the appeal

The tycoon only has “all the means of defense of any other defendant” in a criminal trial. Trump, through his spokesperson, has already announced that he will appeal the sentence, with the minimum aim of further delaying the start of the hearing, which had been set for March 4 but which has already been adjourned to a later date. . On Thursday, the Supreme Court will also hear the former president’s appeal against being barred from running for office in Colorado under the 14th Amendment, which bars officials involved in insurrections or riots against the Constitution they swore by from holding public office: the decision on his eligibility will also serve as a precedent for all other cases pending in various states.