USA, Trump replies to Biden: “Am I a threat to democracy? He sows fear”

“Biden’s record is an unbroken series of weakness, incompetence, corruption and failure.” Donald Trump’s comment on the words of the American president who accused him of preparing a new assault on democracy was not long in coming. “Corrupt Joe is organizing a pathetic, fear-mongering election event in Pennsylvania,” the Tycoon added in response to the rally Biden held on January 5, in the historic Valley Forge near Philadelphia, home to the US Army headquarters. George Washington in the American Revolution.

Biden’s accusations and Trump’s response

Biden, in his rally, once again attacked Trump for his role in the assault on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021: “His lies brought a crowd to Washington. He promised it would be wild and it was. He said the crowd to fight like the damned and all hell broke loose.” Then, still lashing out at his opponent and favorite in the next US presidential elections, Biden explained that Trump is “ready to sacrifice our democracy to return to power”. Words that did not please the former president who suggested that Biden’s Democratic-themed speech, aimed at defining the stakes of the 2024 elections, was intended to divert “attention from issues such as the economy and borders”. Biden, Trump added, “cannot talk about a single issue that matters to hard-working Americans, because he has disappointed you and betrayed you.”