Usa, Trump staff sends fundraising emails with fake mugshots

“Not guilty”. “Not guilty”. A peremptory message. The first of an electoral campaign dated 2024. The t-shirt with Donald Trump’s (fake) mugshot is causing discussion at the moment. 47 dollars to grab a piece of history: that of a billionaire, former president of the United States of America, who became the first formally indicted in the history of the country. While the former White House tenant was arraigned, his supporters received a fundraising email promoting a T-shirt with a fake mugshot of the tycoon. “NOT GUILTY. Do you side with President Trump? Please donate $47 to WIN in 2024 – and we’ll send you your shirt for FREE.”

The request

Trump, according to reports from his entourage on CNN, would have expressly asked for his mugshot to be taken in the Manhattan courthouse. If granted, it would have become “the most famous in the history of the world” and would have brought in millions of dollars. This at least claims Toni Holt Kramer, a friend and supporter of the tycoon, head of the Trumpettes support group. An image that would have summed up “the witch hunt against the former President.” But, as reported by Nbc News, no mugshot would have been taken today of Donal Trump.