Usa-Ukraine, Biden to Zelensky: “With you as long as necessary”

The joint press conference at the White House after the talks between the two leaders. Ukrainian president: “Let’s fight against tyranny together”

“Zelensky’s leadership inspired the whole world.” The president of the United States reiterated this Joe Biden, in the press conference at the White House at the end of the conversation with the Ukrainian president. For the American president, the Ukrainian people “demonstrated an unshakable determination against the imperial appetites” of Russia. “You will never be alone, we will be with you as long as necessary”, said Biden again who renewed his commitment and determination to stand by Kiev, in the belief that “your fight is part of something bigger”.The Patriot missiles that the United States is preparing to supply to Ukraine will be “a crucial asset” for the country’s defense “against Russian aggression”, he added.

“I’m not worried about the stability of the alliance, I’ve never seen the EU and NATO so united on any issue and I don’t see any sign of change”, assured the American president in response to a question. “We all know what is at stake, the very idea of ​​sovereignty, the Charter of the United Nations. Putin thought he was weakening NATO, instead he strengthened it … he produced a more united Europe,” he said Biden.

”We share the same values ​​with the Americans, we want peace”, declared the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky during the joint press conference. ”We are waging a common struggle against tyranny. I am sure that together we will win,” she added. ”Russia – she continued – is a terrorist country” and we talked with the American president ” about new pressures and sanctions ”. ”Russia must be held responsible for its acts against Ukraine, Europe and the free world,” she added.

”This visit is historic in the framework of bilateral relations”, the Ukrainian president said. ”In the last thirty days of the war we have seen the beginning of a new phase in our relations with the United States. We have become true partners and allies,” he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ”has destroyed our lives” and ”could invade other territories”, he underlined. Putin’s was ”a bloody approach to war”, added Zelensky, stating that ”perhaps he wants to find a way to attract international attention”.