Use, delay students’ entry to school to make them sleep more

A healthy sleep is better, always advises the pediatrician. In fact, sleep is good for everyone, especially children and young people. If we add the news of an American study according to which cases of depressed and sad teenagers due to lack of sleep are increasing, then we must immediately run for cover. There are those who have found the solution in delaying entry to school to get their children to sleep more.

You enter school an hour later

So far, nine states in America have joined the initiative to have children go to school later in the morning to get them more sleep. The decision is prompted by the discovery of a growing number of teenagers who suffer from sadness and depression. Psychologists and social workers are convinced that lack of sleep contributes to exacerbate these disorders and insist that early morning admission should be postponed by at least an hour. At 9.45 instead of 8.45. During the pandemic, large numbers of high school students have developed negative emotions, such as higher levels of mental ill health and suicide attempts. “These problems are common, but with sleep deprivation they become much more serious,” said Orfeu Buxton, director of the Sleep, Health & Society Collaboratory at Penn State University.