Use, loses the stuffed animal with her son’s ashes: the mother’s appeal on social media

The desperate appeal of an American mother has gone around the web after losing the soft toy that “kept” the ashes of her son, who died prematurely after a bad illness. Bruce, this is the name of the lost elephant, is not just any toy: in fact, he accompanied Gabryel, a child who suffered from an anomaly of chromosome 9, throughout his hospitalization, which sadly ended tragically.

The soft toy lost during a family trip

His family had taken the stuffed animal containing Gabryel’s ashes with them on a trip to Disneyworld, Florida. One way to have the little one with them, who died at just seven years of age. Liz Atkinson, Gabryel’s mother, launched an appeal on social media, writing: “If you have found Bruce write me in private. I need him” “Gabryel died before we could go to Disney”, explains the woman. “This year, for his birthday, we took our surviving son, Sebastyan, on a trip. Gabryel, in the NICU was given an elephant which has been with him for every surgery/procedure (over 50) and hospitalization (too many to count). He slept in it every night and since he died my husband and I have kept him in bed with us. After losing it I feel sick, I can hardly sleep. I am desperate. If you have found Bruce or Have you seen him around, write me in private! I need him.”.