Used oils, Conou protagonist at the Circonomia festival

Absolute protagonist also of the 2022 edition of the Circonomia Festival in Alba, Conou – National Consortium of Used Mineral Oils actively participated in two meetings hosted at the Banca d’Alba building on 23 September: the first, ‘The extended responsibility of the producer – but how far? ‘, saw the intervention of the technical and operational director Mariano Baldoni on the theme “Italy, world champion: oil recycling”. Subsequently, the president Riccardo Piunti spoke from the stage of the congress hall in the meeting with the children of the high schools of Alba entitled “The circular economy: driving force for employment in Italy”.

Operating since 1984, Conou is the first national environmental body dedicated to the separate collection of hazardous waste and is one of the main operators of the Green Economy in Italy. With 186 thousand tons of used mineral oil collected in 2021, almost the entire amount that can be collected, the Conou confirmed the goal of the maximum that can be collected in the System, moving up the slope caused by the drop in consumption due to the pandemic (+ 8% compared to 2020) . Of the oil collected, in continuity with last year, over 98% was sent for regeneration, confirming a substantial complete “circularity” which resulted in a significant reduction in the country’s energy balance. Thanks to the Conou system, in fact, a reduction of approximately 82.6 million euros was achieved on crude oil imports into Italy (a figure that reported at current oil prices would equate to savings of over 150 million euros).

“The optimistic forecasts of a 2021 with a trend of attenuation of the pandemic crisis and market recovery were sharply impacted by the increase in energy prices. In this difficult scenario – underlines Riccardo Piunti, president of Conou – the precious balancing role of the Consortium realized in the Supply Chain has allowed not only to safeguard but even improve the collection and regeneration activity, making us a paradigm of excellence and a point of attention in Europe. . In the two-year period 2020-2021 we can boast an ever better management of the quality of waste oils, which allowed us to concentrate only in that 1.5% of used oil sent to combustion a good part of the pollutants that were once diluted. At the same time, our commitment to human health and ecosystem integrity has been consolidated: with our one-year activity alone, we have contributed to preserving over 13,000 years of ‘healthy’ life and avoiding the disappearance of over 9 living species “.