Ustica massacre, Antonio Tajani on Sky TG24: “Open wound, investigate the judiciary”

The Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister touched on various issues concerning the political agenda, from the Maneuver to the Recovery Plan to the situation of Forza Italia. Then he spoke of the plane that crashed in the Tyrrhenian Sea in 1980: “There are too many victims, too many dark sides”

“The wound is open because there are too many victims, too many dark sides”, with these words Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani answered the question on what former Prime Minister Giuliano Amato said about the plane crash of August 27, 1980 in Ustica. The deputy prime minister also spoke about the government’s agenda, the situation of Forza Italia, the war in Ukraine and Europe’s objectives.

Tajani on Ustica: “It will be up to the magistrates to investigate”

Regarding what happened in the Tyrrhenian Sea more than 40 years ago, when a scheduled flight of the Itavia airline broke up in the sky and sank in the waters between the islands of Ponza and Ustica, Tajani specified that, still the various obscure points, “it’s up to the judiciary to verify the words of the former prime minister who is now a private citizen and who said some things that the investigators will evaluate whether they are true or not”.

The Maneuver, Forza Italia and the majority

On the budget law, the Foreign Minister stated that Forza Italia will sit down at the table with a “constructive spirit to give concrete answers to Italian citizens. We are living in a complicated moment with very high inflation” so it will be a Maneuver “which will have to aim at concrete”. For Forza Italia, he added, “it is essential to stabilize the cut in the tax wedge at 7%” then action will be taken to “make workers’ salaries richer” by detaxing thirteenths, overtime and production bonuses. Another objective is also to bring the minimum pensions to one thousand euros. On the relationship with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Tajani stated that “the political agreement, like the one between Forza Italia, the Brothers of Italy and the League, must be based on mutual loyalty and trust. I am loyal and I trust the Prime Minister and I am loyal and I trust Matteo Salvini”.

The war in Ukraine

Asked whether the statement by the President of Ukraine Zelenski, “there will be peace only when the Russians leave the territory”, could frustrate diplomatic efforts, Tajani replied that “Zelenski defends his position, international law has been violated , his country has been invaded, it is clear that he is asking for a just peace” that will restore total independence to Ukraine. “It’s what we all want because we want international law to be respected. During my trip to China, I will try to convince the Chinese to persuade Russia to take action on their part. For the minister surely “the war won’t end tomorrow” and “times aren’t very short” but we must continue “to work on the terrain of diplomacy, contacts, to try to make the situation less tense”.