Vaccination obligation, measures and tampons: control room and Omicron variant

What Prime Minister Draghi said on the issues on the government table tomorrow

Omicron variant and surge in infections in Italy. Tomorrow, during the government control room, we will discuss any new anti-covid measures that the executive intends to adopt to face the new pandemic wave: vaccination obligation, tampons, duration of the green pass and mandatory masks are the topics anticipated today by Prime Minister Draghi in the press conference at the end of the year on the subject of coronavirus: “I am not a scientist, but personally I am inclined to predict the worst, and therefore to act in advance to defend what little normality we have achieved”, he explained about the coronavirus regulations long ignored by other countries: “It was a mistake on the part of some governments to believe that the epidemic would not have come from them” and this despite the interventions implemented by other nations.

The hypothesis vaccination obligation, then explained the premier, “he always remains in the background, he has never been excluded”. The obligation “has already been extended to some categories, we will evaluate the extension to other categories. I do not know if it will be discussed tomorrow in the control room but if the data continues to deteriorate it will be the subject of discussion in a very short time”, remarked the president of the Advice. Meanwhile, “in the period between the second and third dose, when the duration is about to expire, it is necessary to do the swab“, he explained, confirming that tomorrow the control room will also take care of this.

Obligation to wear Ffp2 masks and stop antigen tests to obtain the green pass? “These issues will be discussed in the control room tomorrow, I would say that the consensus on the use of outdoor masks, on the use of Ffp2 masks, on what kind of pads to do, I think there is a lot of openness there, we will discuss it tomorrow “. “The communication on the green pass and the super green pass was of what was known at that time, it never meant that it guaranteed immunity after its expiry or the expiry of the second dose. It turned out that the second dose declines faster than initially thought, this will lead to discussing whether to reduce the dose tomorrow duration of the green pass. It has become somewhat emphatically an instrument of freedom, “he added.

Tomorrow, however, “we will not consider extending school holidays“in the control room, said the premier, responding on the subject of the school. Then on any new closures he assured:” I am aware of the suffering of young people due to the restrictions – the premier stressed – we will do all we can to prevent that experience ” of distance learning “repeat itself”. For now, moreover, “we’re not talking about lockdowns for the unvaccinated, but every answer is on the table, but two thirds of intensive care and deaths are for the unvaccinated “, he explains then, answering a question about possible lockdowns for those who do not get vaccinated.