Vaccine for children, Vaia: “Waiting for data on long-distance disease”

“If adults are immunized there is no need at this time, evaluate after agencies ok and based on epidemic trend”

If we adults are vaccinated, if school staff are vaccinated, at this time there is no need to vaccinate children“against Covid-19.” When the regulatory agencies, Ema and Aifa, approve “the vaccine for the little ones,” we will check where the pandemic is and we will be able to decide with greater serenity and with data that also tell us the long-term results distance of Covid, which today are not very clear “, Francesco Vaia, director of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome, told Sky Tg24.

Then, commenting on the decisions of Austria on lockdown and generalized vaccination obligation, Vaia observed: “We must never pursue other models that have proved to be almost always fallacious. The Italian way has proved successful in Europe, we are the best placed of all“at this stage of the pandemic.

Regarding the first point, “I have always been against any type of restriction or violent pressure – highlighted the doctor – We must go ahead with what we are doing, persuading people with data on the goodness of the tools we have available. to defeat the virus, such as vaccine and monoclonal antibodies “.

So what to do to counter the fourth epidemic wave? “First of all – reiterated Vaia – to extend the vaccination obligation to people who have contact with the public, as well as us health personnel”. Extend it also “to law enforcement personnel and to those who work in small and large distribution”. Finally, the expert’s invitation is to “look beyond this year and imagine an annual booster of the vaccine, such as for the flu, perhaps with vaccines more updated to the variants we have identified “.